Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Toast to the coasters

Coasters pics
Coasters for all

Coasters have always played an important part in creating the perfect ambiance and experience for me while having tea or coffee. The warli coasters especially for those who cherish ethnic sense and settings and contemporary coasters for those who prefer a chic and casual ambiance. Coasters undoubtedly come across as multipurpose products used in our daily lives.

For all the moods and settings, hand painted coasters from Senorita Art collection turns the usual tea or coffee experience into a memorable one for solitary souls, couple or a group. Cheers!!:)

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


How often have you visited any art gallery in your life? The perception that goes around when it comes to visiting an art gallery is that one needs to have big pockets and patronize art.
For me, an art gallery visit goes beyond the shackles of judging the artwork and also whether its worth to be bought or sold at a particular price or not. Its the entire experience that attracts me and I strongly feel that an art gallery has much more to offer. My  thoughts were reinforced when I was recently invited for "Blogger Art Trail" event organized by Good Homes magazine during their annual public art initiative Art Week 2013 (25th Nov-1st Dec). The event involved bringing art closer to everyone by exploring some of South Mumbai's prominent and finest Art Galleries on a walking tour. The Art trail kicked off at The Pantry, Kala Ghoda, a quaint stylish cafe' with all white soothing decor and witnessed the get together of bloggers, art enthusiasts, architects and artists. 
The Pantry, Kala Ghoda

While enchanting Ronitaa Italia-Dhanu, Editor of Good Homes flagged off the event, the highly spirited Elise Foster Vander Elst, Director Asia Art Projects along with the Good Homes Team led the trail thereafter.

After savouring delicious snacks while discussing art with like-minded folks, the fun filled art trail finally began:-

1. Gallery 7
Treat your eyes with scintillating artworks by 7 inspiring artists under one roof including paintings, installation art and photographs.

                                                        Pic courtesy: Binisha Ajmera, Good Homes
In Conversation with Chandra Sachdev, Owner  of Gallery 7
2. Art Musings
What was most striking about this gallery is that it houses diverse artist collection with completely different painting styles. The ongoing exhibition was by artist Gopikrishna who prefers his artworks to not to be tagged as surreal but rather as a parallel world reality.

'Marriage of Fishes' by Gopikrishna
The gallery owner was kind enough to allow a sneak peek into Paresh Maity's upcoming exhibition "Symphony of Silence" from 10 Dec' 13-15 Jan'14. Yes, he is the same artist who painted the famous 850ft long painting for Delhi's T3 International Airport. Inspired by nature, his paintings are bright and colorful with the signature natural light on the subjects in his artworks. 
Beautiful landscape by Paresh Maity

3. Gallery Maskara
Go to third pasta lane in Colaba and the funky exteriors open up into a huge warehouse turned gallery hosting the exhibition "The Ideal Boy" by a very talented artist Roshan Chhabria. All his artworks made on tinted paper with sharp detailing using different forms of media seemed to re-accentuate that 'Perfection lies in Imperfection.'
Painting from 'The Ideal Boy' Collection

4. Sakshi Art Gallery
This gallery hosted the debut exhibition of a young aspiring artist from West Bengal. I was completely swayed by the use of vibrant colours, detailing and the unique kitsch on huge canvases beautifully exploring the construction of reality and glorifying some of the mundane activities in an unusual fabulous style.

Exhibition of Kalighat Painting in Victoria memorial, Kolkata

5. 1/29 Studio
I didn't know the walk through the busy dark streets of Colaba, going up two floors of the steep narrow staircase to reach the studio, was only to find myself pleasantly surprised. The door opened to a cosy and warm Art Studio with dim lighting and completed the definition of art gallery to me by exhibiting every art object that I could think of; be it the sculptures, photographs, decorative art, installation art, textiles or paintings. And when I thought this was it, I was treated to lovely live music by international performers.

Moulded metal mesh installation art@1/29 studio

What a perfect ending to a perfect day!

The artworks make you travel to a different world altogether and consciously or unconsciously impart life learning lessons. Nothing remains abstract or abstruse, its all in the mind and the best part is everybody has their freedom of expression and interpretation; be it the Artist or the Art Connoisseur. There is no right or wrong in the world of art. Who says its necessary to be a creative person to visit an art gallery? Any person who is open minded, appreciates freedom of expression, and simply possess zest to explore life would definitely enjoy visiting such art galleries. You never know when you may find answers to unanswered questions of life hidden in these artworks!

Thanks to the Good Homes Team to organize a memorable art trail that can be followed anytime by anyone again and again! 
                                                                            Pic courtesy: Binisha Ajmera, Good Homes

For all my blogger friends, I leave you with an artwork installed at Gallery 7 to ponder and tell me what do you think this is all about? Looking forward to your comments! :)

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Rest, Relax & Rejuvenate

Spa painting
Soothe Spa Art

Don't you think that the "Spa" has become an overrated concept these days? I don't deny that some of the spas may be really relaxing but overall they have literally become a fad value. To some relaxation means only when they land up in a spa and for those who can't really make it to spa for whatsoever reasons relax in their own way. I probably would fall into the second category where I would devise my own ways of relaxation. To begin with, the right ambiance makes a lot of difference especially in unconventional spaces at home like the bathroom and vanity. The space should be soothing and calming the senses which acts as a great stress reliever. One of my creations really helped me to uplift the ambiance. Cheers! 

Thursday, 7 November 2013

And the Liebster Award goes to....:)))

All Thanks to Vivek, I got nominated for my first Liebster Award! Its an honour to receive this award for any blogger who shares a passion for blogging. The Libester Award involves nominating a few bloggers you enjoy and follow, posing some questions to them and then encouraging them to post their answers and nominate more bloggers for said award to keep the love going.
It’s a fun way to get to know more about your favourite bloggers better and to recommend new blogs to readers.

 Liebster Award

What is the Liebster Award all about?

The Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming/new bloggers or who have less than 200 followers. The 'Liebster' word is of German origin and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.

How does it work? 

  1. Link back to the persons blog who has nominated you and convey thanks for giving the award.
  2. Answer all questions posted by the nominator.
  3. Nominate 10 more bloggers whom you feel are deserving of more subscribers; you pass the award on to them.
  4. Create 10 questions for the nominees.
  5. Contact the nominees and let them know that they have been nominated for the Liebster Award!

The Answers to the Questions of my nominator Vivek are:- 

1)  Life full of tough decisions that might pay well (money,satisfaction,happiness) or a life of easy decisions? And why?

Nothing comes easily so definitely life full of tough decisions.

2) Your biggest regret?

I started blogging quite late...should have done much earlier as its so much fun!

3) Cat or dog?

Dog. That was an easy one :)

4) Would you survive a zombie attack? If so describe how.

I think I have already survived a zombie attack since I am among the few who tolerated the entire "Go Goa Gone"!!LOL

5) Do you believe in love at first sight?

I believe in attraction at first sight....love follows!!! ;)

6) You wake up to realize that your entire life so far was just a dream. Your reaction?

O wow! what a wonderful dream...why not go to sleep all over again!

7) First word that comes to your mind on seeing the pattern "--*--*--"

Beep Beep :(

8) The farthest and nearest place in your bucket list.

Farthest: Bahamas

Nearest: Adlabs Imagica

9) What stops you from being what you want to be?

Gravity!! I would have been flying otherwise!

11) Find the mathematical mistake in this post.

Someone missed question number 10!!

Now here are a list of my ten Nominees whom I nominate for Liebster Award:-

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Jitendra - http://jitendravaswani.wordpress.com

And...My questions for nominees are as follows:-

1. Where does your blogging inspiration come from
2. Which cartoon character do you relate to and why?
3. If you were given 1 lakh rupees to shop in an hour to purchase 5 items, what would be your shopping list?
4. Which one is your pic Friends/How I met your Mother/the Big Bang Theory?
5. Funniest moment of your life?
6. Price of onions per kg in your city?
7. Equities, Real Estate or Fixed income.. which one and why?
8. Black or white?
9. One holiday destination that you never wanna go back again?
10. Your Favourite book?

Enjoy answering the questions to all my nominees! Keep blogging!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Power of Chhota Bheem

"Chhota Bheem" character is an unusual inspiration for the kids today. If you are surrounded by kids in the age group of 2-5 years old, I can bet you can always strike a conversation with them regarding Chhota Bheem. The kids can recall the stories related to him in daily life and love this icon of theirs. Birthday parties themes, door stickers, and merchandise are some of the ways the kids patronize this special character in their life.
Chhota Bheem painting
Chhota Bheem

During my childhood days, I cherished a secret dream of becoming a cartoonist since I was, and I am still, extremely fond of cartoons. I like to update myself regularly with the latest popular cartoons. The best part about the Chhota Bheem story is that it is depicted in the backdrop of Indian village Dholakpur with modern outlook and right morals which really helps the child imbibe certain morals unconsciously. 

This one is dedicated to my three and half year old niece who is a die hard fan of Chhota Bheem!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Blue Pottery Fascination

I have been extremely fond of blue pottery. I already possess collection of blue pottery from Jaipur and to add to the collection came the Chinese blue  pottery which I recently got during a month long trip to China last month. Well another reason for my absence on my blog besides the unavailability of internet while travelling was shopping! My fetish for tea set collection got boosted in the midst of Chinese ceramics.

Blue and white porcelain dates back to several centuries ago in China when there was a mass production during Yuan Dynasty which passed down to several dynasties in succession. The origin of blue pottery was an amalgamation of Chinese and Islamic trades. The expensive Cobalt blue exported from Persia and the translucent Chinese white porcelain gave rise to excellent quality blue and white wares. The motifs were highly inspired by Chinese dynasties and also Islamic culture. It originated at Jingdezhen centuries back in China and till this day it witnesses the superior quality production of the exquisite blue and white wares. After firing in the kiln at suitable temperature, the decoration is either by hand, by stencilling or transfer printing and other mediums.

The  art  of  glazed  blue  pottery  came  to  India  through  Persia. Rajasthan being the hub of blue pottery, Jaipur  became  a flourishing  center for  blue pottery in the mid 19th century. These days of course blue pottery is available everywhere but the exclusive blue pottery wares found in museums and certain specimens at Rambagh Palace in Jaipur displays fine art and cultural Indian history which is embezzling.

My quest for knowledge about Indian art and culture continues while I pay a humble tribute to discoverers and makers of blue pottery through my artwork.
Blue Pottery
Blue and White Pottery

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

My Pets Party

 I really loved my pet dog who passed away a year ago. She had a couple of friends in my neighbourhood and I used to organize pet parties' for her and her friends so that they don't miss out any fun in their life. She was a well groomed pet with a caring attitude. I used to brush her hair and tie ribbons...she was a graceful gurl with a high style quotient and made sure she had all the fancy accessories as she loved wearing all of them...:)

Pets Party Picture
Pets Party

The get together with other pets was always a memorable one with their favourite dishes like biscuits, milk in tea pots served in giant tea cups, sugar free cakes and the list was endless.

My painting is a tribute to her remembering all the great parties and fun! 

Friday, 23 August 2013

Vintage Tea Party

Who would not endorse "Apne Ghar ki Chai" if you are a tea lover to the core? Its fascinating that even the use of exactly same ingredients in the tea brings out completely different flavours and aroma at different households. The level of customization for preparing a simple cuppa tea, comprising of four major components - water, milk, tea leaves and sugar differs for every household. And, its almost a family tradition to literally pass the tea recipe to the next generation to keep the same 'family tea taste' alive.

clipart victorian tea cup
Vintage Tea Party

Besides enjoying the flavours of tea, I also believe in having the right company and/or perfect ambience. My favourite vintage tea set collection helps me create an ambience which is truly enduring. My vintage tea party theme has become immensely popular amongst my friends' circle. Actually, the tradition of high tea goes back to the 19th century British style of convening mid-afternoon tea and snacks. It may be a fancy concept for some but if you are a part of the party, its extremely refreshing although it promotes indulgence. The typical menu for the high tea party includes cookies, cupcakes, macaroons, butter flavoured croissants and sandwiches. If you are lucky to have a garden, you may organize the party there but if you stay in small matchboxes like myself, even then there is a lot of scope to have the same feel. Crisp bright white table cloth spread along with the cup cake stand, fresh flowers and the cutlery being set to perfection on the table is all what you need to do. Serving varied kinds of teas like hand picked green tea, oolong tea, flavoured teas of apple, lemon, ginger, mint etc as per the preferences can be really good healthy options too. If you are thinking its one of those parties where only gurlz and ladies are invited then you are highly mistaken. Infact its a friends' gathering irrespective of gender. Its a big break from the regular 'dinner with friends' parties at home and gives a chance to everyone to look forward to something different. Of course high tea doesn't have to be grand affair; one can always tweak the concept and customize to the guests' taste while the fun of being together remains priceless as usual. 

Even the kids have lots of fun in such parties as they love to hog on the marshmallows and cupcakes along with gettin a chance to be involved in games played by adults. Rather than having a stereotypical birthday party of your kid at pizza hut or some other fast food joints, children's tea party is a great idea to bank on if you don't have time and space constraints. Mini cupcakes, mini burgers along with hot chocolate (surely preferred over tea by kids) and other goodies can work wonders to make your kids birthday party special and distinct.

My fascination for vintage tea set collection goes as far as scouting and collecting them from the different places I travel across the world.  They are also an inspiration for my painting and complements the tea party.

clipart vintage tea cup
Vintage Tea Party
Clipart vintage tea cup
Vintage Tea Party

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Cutting Chai

The Legen....wait for it... dary silver grey aluminium kettle and cutting chai takes me back to my college and mba days when a refreshing 'chai ki pyali' did wonders at any odd time of the day and night. I could never ever forget the Ram bhai's Ketli popularly known as "Ketli" just outside the IIM Ahmedabad campus which used to be the favourite hang out place with friends. Besides Chai it was also the Sutta joint for many; as true for other chai wallah stalls.

The maggi and anda bhurji served at the ketli near my hostel have come across as saviours several times for hungry souls, like me and am sure many, who feel hungry at all the odd hours. And coupling it with cutting masala chai was like the cherry on the cake. Somethings never change like that typical aluminium kettle tea served at every chai wallah near you doesn't change...thank god!!Just love that style. I still haven't lost touch with that kettle not even in my art and also during my break time at the chai wallah at workplace.

Cutting Chai
Cutting Chai

Monday, 22 July 2013

Parenting by kids

Kids are a source of fun for everyone. Parenting has become one of the discussion topics for all grown up couples bearing kids or planning to have one. Every couple strives to be perfect parents and try their best to raise a perfectly well behaved child. We often think stiff competition is felt heavily in academics or corporate life, the newest entrant giving stiff competition to these areas is "Parenting". There is so much pressure on parents to live up to the child's expectations, to learn from their own parents' experience, to sail through the peer parental jealousies and comparisons to become the best parents. Every child is special to their parents but suddenly there is more emphasis on 'parenting' which must have existed in earlier times too but is definitely more vocal and much talked about topic. 

Why is parenting a hot topic of discussion? Is it because of increasing working mothers (since they feel guilty of not spending much time with the kid), technology exposed kids, booming economy (saying just because of mall culture)? The reason could be any and many but every parent is somewhere competing with other parent in the race of having a unique experience with their respective children. They want to be the best parent around wanting their child to look the best, perform the best and have the best toys, getting admission through the best school, best sports coaching and the list is endless. Its not that our parents never thought about all these things; its just that they were not so vocal. The social media is another big steering wheel to the new age parenting. You log on to social networking website and there you have dozens of babies and kids photos all over. Call it sharing or flaunting, its just one way of accentuating the fact "I am a proud parent."

This is the era of smart kids; they know what they want and they know how to get it too! They watch the ads on tv carefully, visit the malls regularly with parents, get inside the toy store to buy the toy they want with confidence and finally get the toy they want either through persuasion, tantrums, emotional blackmail or loud howling (to make sure the parents are embarrassed and get dirty stare from the junta inside the shop).

Parenting is definitely a vast topic to explore and to master for lots of couples across the world. How much to pamper your kid, how much to give into his/her demands, is the child getting spoilt or pampered??...these are some of the questions which hit every parents' minds but of course there is a very thin line separating these concerns and so every parent claims to define the limit depending on the nature of child and circumstances. Well, I am not a parent yet, so there is a disclaimer that these views are entirely based on my observations and may or may not hold true for many. All these experiences gave me inspiration for my kids art that is dedicated to the parents of all kids out there who are willing to go to any stretch for inculcating good values in them...Happy Parenting!!!
kids art for toyrooms
Kids Delight

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Vintage Vanity Dresser

Are you one of those who fancy vintage furniture especially the typical vintage style dresser. Oh come on, if you are a lady fond of vanity, you would be definitely swayed by the vintage style dressing table. Agree or not, its always a dream of a woman to have a dressing table with a huge shining mirror to admire her beauty and if its a vintage one, its simply awesome! Well, I love the vintage look be it in the reality or in my painting.

My painting tries to capture every woman's vanity fair; be it the oval mirror, cosmetics, lotions, perfumes, jewellery boxes, flowers and the list goes on. It turns out to be the perfect dressing up experience when you have such a fancy dresser. Not everyone possess a vintage dresser who wish to have one. But what is preventing them to have a painting like this adjacent to your vanity dressing  or in the walk in wardrobes so as to create the right ambiance and feel. I am telling you, it works. So let the vintage feel be part of your dressing. Ultimately the idea is to Feel beautiful!!..Isn't it??

Vintage Dressing Table painting
Vintage Dresser

Friday, 5 July 2013

Web of Life

Life, as they say, is a 'roller coaster ride' with its own highs and lows. Some people believe in destiny while others believe they can change and make their own destiny. Although one may argue that even changing and making our own destiny through hard work or Karma is also a part of "destiny."

Well, do we really get a chance to skip the 'suffering' or 'struggle' completely in life that comes in different amounts, appearances and circumstances for each individual. There may be some who may never acknowledge suffering in life (even if it exists) and there may be some who may acknowledge, heal and sail through the difficult circumstances. It is always the hope and anticipation of better and favourable circumstances which motivates and helps us to tackle the tough ones. May be it is true when people say "Whatever happens, happens for the good" or "It was just destiny" but I may choose to believe that its about 'timing' coupled with perseverance. The right timing makes a difference; the unattainable becomes attainable and unreachable becomes reachable. Patience and never give up attitude always pays off.

My painting is dedicated to those who cherish life and choose to dance through the web of life; be it the happy tunes or the sad ones keeping their spirits high all the time. Enjoy the different shades of life!

Modern Contemporary Colourful Art
Dance through the web of life

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Fun on the Beach

Sun, Sea and Sand are the words that describe the beach. My idea of having fun on the beach begins with exploring the beach. The sand texture, colourful and varied designed shells, crabs, snails, different shaped pebbles and the list is endless. I am sure many people can relate to me when I say that the entire day can be spent on the beach just relaxing and doing Nothing! The splashing waves on the beach side create a melodious symphony around. Getting away from the hectic schedules of life, sipping your favourite drink sitting on the arm chair and admiring the nature and its creativity...who doesn't want to do that???

Goa is undoubtedly favourite beach destination for many not only in India but across the globe. As soon as one lands in Goa, the party mood sets in. The travellers' diary always includes fun, adventure and rejuvenation. Many people take back their Goan beach memories in the form of souvenirs or photographs. I like to capture my memory and the fun element of the beach in my painting that refreshes my memory every time I look at it! :)

Fun on the beach painting
The Beach Scene

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mermaid Silhouette on the rock

Mermaids have always been my fascination since my childhood. As a child, I used to be amazed to listen to the adventure cartoon stories of Ariel, the Little mermaid and her friends like Sebastian, the crab and Flounder, the blue and yellow tropical fish. The entire depiction of underwater life and colourful creatures was truly amazing. The story often revolved around how they tackled the demons of sea, came out of difficult circumstances, struggled for their lives so as to protect their 'Kingdom of Atlantica' and make it  a better place for all the sea creatures. The stories also reflected the beautiful Father-daughter bond between King Triton and Ariel which reminds me of  my bond that I share with my father.The stories ended with a moral being-"Good wins over Evil always."

As I grew up, I used to wonder if they really do exist?! The question of course shall be considered invalid from science perspective but the little child in me wants to believe that there may be traces of their existence in some part of the world in a vast ocean. :)

I visualized this scene wherein, a fictional character of mermaid comes on to the rock every night under the moonlit sky laden with stars and keeps wondering about her existence as we, humans, keep wondering about their existence!

Mermaid silhouette on the rock
Mermaid Silhouette on the rock

Monday, 17 June 2013

Painting in Bathroom

I prefer my bathing space to give me a "spa" like feel everyday. Besides the decor, lot many variations can be done to bathroom spaces (often look quite stereotypical) to make it look beautiful and different from others. I place fresh flowers in a vase everyday in my bathroom that rejuvenate my senses daily. The aromatic oils in the bottles kept on the shelves spread a distinct fragrance to my bathing space. Like they say the energies of the home need to be balanced and bathroom is one space which needs utmost care and consideration.

Another way of enhancing the aura of the bathroom is to hang paintings that reflect the essence of your vanity. Though we often consider art to be displayed and limited to our living rooms and bedrooms, it really creates a great ambiance. My painting is an attempt to enter the arena of vanity dressing!

Bathroom spa
Bathroom Spa

Painting in bathroom
Vanity Art for bathroom

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Time for Cuppa Coffee

I simply love coffee! My coffee taste buds got boosted during my high school days as any and every outing with friends meant a coffee sip for sure. My passion for coffee continued to grow at my workplace. Yes, I know too much coffee is not healthy but my limits are defined. Indulgence with self-discipline is permitted, hopefully! I have a penchant for coffee but definitely not an addiction. The palate refreshes as soon as I sip the White Chocolate Mocha of Starbucks. The sinful cream just adds to the experience. Having good coffee with good company is an excellent experience and for the times when you are getting bored with the company, good coffee comes as a big saviour! Seriously, a lot can happen over a cuppa coffee. It could be beginning of new relationships, nurturing the present ones or just cherishing the old memories. Conversations and cup of coffee go hand in hand! Of course the rains in Mumbai add on to the charm.

My love for coffee inspired me to paint my favourite flavours. This painting is dedicated to all the coffee lovers across the globe and the ones who wish their memorable coffee experiences to be framed like this one. Next time you have coffee, couple it with donuts and I can vouch for the exemplary experience thereafter!

Starbucks Coffee-White Chocolate Mocha
White Chocolate Mocha@Starbucks India

Starbucks Coffee-Java
Java Shake@Starbucks India

Warli Painting in Gold

This is my depiction of Warli Art, a very popular tribal art of Maharashtra. Warli is a region in northern Maharashtra located on the west coast of India. There are Warli tribes residing in the mountainous and coastal areas of that region. The origin of Warli art may be traced back to the tenth century AD but it became popular in the early 1970's.

What made this art unique was its simple yet striking depiction of rural life. The Harvest being one of the major themes; the predominant subject of the warli painting includes mountains, group dancing around a person playing the music, dancing peacocks, women cooking and gathering coconuts, children playing, bullock carts, birds flying in the sky and the river. Its a classic representation of nature and simplicity of village life. Warli Art always contain groups of people involved in certain activity.

My Warli painting has been inspired by the Warli tribes and I humbly salute to their arduous efforts and contribution to Indian Art and culture.

Warli painting in Gold
Warli Art

Friday, 7 June 2013

Ekdant Ganpati

Lord Ganesha has been an integral part of many lives. People pray and worship him all over the world. But what really fascinates me is his extreme cuteness and distinguished aura. He is The God who believes in indulgence be it his passion for "Motichoor Laddoo" or his colourful attire. He has his chauffeur "Mushak" (Mouse) who is at his service all the time. His exuberant personality has universal appeal and connects to people from every strata and religion. Undoubtedly Lord Ganesha is for one and for all. 

I look forward to Ganesh Chaturthi every year as the atmosphere in Mumbai, especially, is one of extreme exuberance. The city displays ultimate devotion, joy and peace during the ten days of "Ganesha Mahotsav" every year which is simply inexplicable in words. You gotto see and feel it to believe it!

My painting is one way of dedicating my love and devotion to Lord Ganesha. The Ekdant Ganpati has ofcourse mythological stories behind it. Some of them believe that Ganesha lost his one tooth when Parashurama threw axe angrily on him while Ganesha was preventing him to awaken Lord Shiva who was asleep. There are others who believe that while Lord Ganesha was penning the great epic Mahabharata, the tip of the quill broke and he immediately broke half of his tusk and dipped in ink to continue writing.

Well, I prefer to believe the symbolic meaning represented by my painting "Blue Ekdant Ganpati", which signifies the meditative mode and the one tusk advocates following one goal in life to achieve peace, happiness and prosperity.

Blue Ekdant Ganpati
Blue Ekdant Ganpati

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Art with Difference

Tattva literally means the reality. I am trying to make an honest attempt to find the meaning of existence of life through my art work. My paintings bring me a step closer to realize the true relevance of life. Each and every painting has an inspiration and also a significance associated with it that directs attention to different perspectives of life. The idea is to bring out the truth of life and share the symbolic meaning behind every painting for self development and to simply value LIFE!