Monday, 18 May 2015

Mumbaicha Garam Chai

What better way to wake up in morning  with mumbai's favourite cutting Masala chai. The tea found at the Nukad wala stall is worth having  and refreshing. 

But there are  some like me who also  prefer to have the same style  tea at home also enjoying the warmth of the ambience.
I do it my way, sitting on my cosy corner seating next to window overlooking the morning charm and chaos on mumbai streets, I sip my favourite  massa chai in stylish tapri glasses. 

How do you enjoy your tea?

Thursday, 16 April 2015


Senorita Art has carved out its way to The Bombay Store, Fort where it has been now launched. The collection of exquisite home decor and dining accessories from Senorita Art is now available at the Bombay Store. 

If you are looking for quirky stuff  and something out of the box, its time to visit The Bombay Store, Fort, Mumbai till 25th April where you will find Painted Kettles, tea infusers, trivets, tissue box holders, coasters, tapri glasses and much more under the brand Senorita Art.

Especially for those who believe in stylish home decor!

The Bombay Store, Fort

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Trinkets with Style

Bored of the usual and widely seen fashion jewelry? Senorita Art brings the stylish collection of cute vintage trinkets for any age gurlz!

Flaunt them and you will never be unnoticed for sure...:)

Monday, 6 April 2015

Back to my Blogging Space

Was it paucity of time or just going with the flow, I was out of blogging world for quite sometime. Saying that I was busy with my start up Senorita Art would be just a silly excuse for not blogging since blogging has been my passion and will always remain that.

Travel, art, reading and music had occupied a lot of my time while I was away from blogging. Now that I am back, I have some new creations that I would like to share with my fellow bloggers. I had taken up reading a lot in the past few months and found the paperback reading (in the presence of kindle) the best way to energise my soul. And what better way to read them in the presence of my handcrafted bookmarks.

This bookmark is dedicated to all paperback book readers who still enjoy reading them in the midst of Kindle mania.

Enjoy Reading!!!
lucky bookmarks
Lucky Tortoise Bookmark