Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mermaid Silhouette on the rock

Mermaids have always been my fascination since my childhood. As a child, I used to be amazed to listen to the adventure cartoon stories of Ariel, the Little mermaid and her friends like Sebastian, the crab and Flounder, the blue and yellow tropical fish. The entire depiction of underwater life and colourful creatures was truly amazing. The story often revolved around how they tackled the demons of sea, came out of difficult circumstances, struggled for their lives so as to protect their 'Kingdom of Atlantica' and make it  a better place for all the sea creatures. The stories also reflected the beautiful Father-daughter bond between King Triton and Ariel which reminds me of  my bond that I share with my father.The stories ended with a moral being-"Good wins over Evil always."

As I grew up, I used to wonder if they really do exist?! The question of course shall be considered invalid from science perspective but the little child in me wants to believe that there may be traces of their existence in some part of the world in a vast ocean. :)

I visualized this scene wherein, a fictional character of mermaid comes on to the rock every night under the moonlit sky laden with stars and keeps wondering about her existence as we, humans, keep wondering about their existence!

Mermaid silhouette on the rock
Mermaid Silhouette on the rock

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  1. A mermaid wondering under the dark shadow of the moonlit sky and stars about her existence for real!