Monday, 22 July 2013

Parenting by kids

Kids are a source of fun for everyone. Parenting has become one of the discussion topics for all grown up couples bearing kids or planning to have one. Every couple strives to be perfect parents and try their best to raise a perfectly well behaved child. We often think stiff competition is felt heavily in academics or corporate life, the newest entrant giving stiff competition to these areas is "Parenting". There is so much pressure on parents to live up to the child's expectations, to learn from their own parents' experience, to sail through the peer parental jealousies and comparisons to become the best parents. Every child is special to their parents but suddenly there is more emphasis on 'parenting' which must have existed in earlier times too but is definitely more vocal and much talked about topic. 

Why is parenting a hot topic of discussion? Is it because of increasing working mothers (since they feel guilty of not spending much time with the kid), technology exposed kids, booming economy (saying just because of mall culture)? The reason could be any and many but every parent is somewhere competing with other parent in the race of having a unique experience with their respective children. They want to be the best parent around wanting their child to look the best, perform the best and have the best toys, getting admission through the best school, best sports coaching and the list is endless. Its not that our parents never thought about all these things; its just that they were not so vocal. The social media is another big steering wheel to the new age parenting. You log on to social networking website and there you have dozens of babies and kids photos all over. Call it sharing or flaunting, its just one way of accentuating the fact "I am a proud parent."

This is the era of smart kids; they know what they want and they know how to get it too! They watch the ads on tv carefully, visit the malls regularly with parents, get inside the toy store to buy the toy they want with confidence and finally get the toy they want either through persuasion, tantrums, emotional blackmail or loud howling (to make sure the parents are embarrassed and get dirty stare from the junta inside the shop).

Parenting is definitely a vast topic to explore and to master for lots of couples across the world. How much to pamper your kid, how much to give into his/her demands, is the child getting spoilt or pampered??...these are some of the questions which hit every parents' minds but of course there is a very thin line separating these concerns and so every parent claims to define the limit depending on the nature of child and circumstances. Well, I am not a parent yet, so there is a disclaimer that these views are entirely based on my observations and may or may not hold true for many. All these experiences gave me inspiration for my kids art that is dedicated to the parents of all kids out there who are willing to go to any stretch for inculcating good values in them...Happy Parenting!!!
kids art for toyrooms
Kids Delight

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Vintage Vanity Dresser

Are you one of those who fancy vintage furniture especially the typical vintage style dresser. Oh come on, if you are a lady fond of vanity, you would be definitely swayed by the vintage style dressing table. Agree or not, its always a dream of a woman to have a dressing table with a huge shining mirror to admire her beauty and if its a vintage one, its simply awesome! Well, I love the vintage look be it in the reality or in my painting.

My painting tries to capture every woman's vanity fair; be it the oval mirror, cosmetics, lotions, perfumes, jewellery boxes, flowers and the list goes on. It turns out to be the perfect dressing up experience when you have such a fancy dresser. Not everyone possess a vintage dresser who wish to have one. But what is preventing them to have a painting like this adjacent to your vanity dressing  or in the walk in wardrobes so as to create the right ambiance and feel. I am telling you, it works. So let the vintage feel be part of your dressing. Ultimately the idea is to Feel beautiful!!..Isn't it??

Vintage Dressing Table painting
Vintage Dresser

Friday, 5 July 2013

Web of Life

Life, as they say, is a 'roller coaster ride' with its own highs and lows. Some people believe in destiny while others believe they can change and make their own destiny. Although one may argue that even changing and making our own destiny through hard work or Karma is also a part of "destiny."

Well, do we really get a chance to skip the 'suffering' or 'struggle' completely in life that comes in different amounts, appearances and circumstances for each individual. There may be some who may never acknowledge suffering in life (even if it exists) and there may be some who may acknowledge, heal and sail through the difficult circumstances. It is always the hope and anticipation of better and favourable circumstances which motivates and helps us to tackle the tough ones. May be it is true when people say "Whatever happens, happens for the good" or "It was just destiny" but I may choose to believe that its about 'timing' coupled with perseverance. The right timing makes a difference; the unattainable becomes attainable and unreachable becomes reachable. Patience and never give up attitude always pays off.

My painting is dedicated to those who cherish life and choose to dance through the web of life; be it the happy tunes or the sad ones keeping their spirits high all the time. Enjoy the different shades of life!

Modern Contemporary Colourful Art
Dance through the web of life