Thursday, 31 October 2013

Power of Chhota Bheem

"Chhota Bheem" character is an unusual inspiration for the kids today. If you are surrounded by kids in the age group of 2-5 years old, I can bet you can always strike a conversation with them regarding Chhota Bheem. The kids can recall the stories related to him in daily life and love this icon of theirs. Birthday parties themes, door stickers, and merchandise are some of the ways the kids patronize this special character in their life.
Chhota Bheem painting
Chhota Bheem

During my childhood days, I cherished a secret dream of becoming a cartoonist since I was, and I am still, extremely fond of cartoons. I like to update myself regularly with the latest popular cartoons. The best part about the Chhota Bheem story is that it is depicted in the backdrop of Indian village Dholakpur with modern outlook and right morals which really helps the child imbibe certain morals unconsciously. 

This one is dedicated to my three and half year old niece who is a die hard fan of Chhota Bheem!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Blue Pottery Fascination

I have been extremely fond of blue pottery. I already possess collection of blue pottery from Jaipur and to add to the collection came the Chinese blue  pottery which I recently got during a month long trip to China last month. Well another reason for my absence on my blog besides the unavailability of internet while travelling was shopping! My fetish for tea set collection got boosted in the midst of Chinese ceramics.

Blue and white porcelain dates back to several centuries ago in China when there was a mass production during Yuan Dynasty which passed down to several dynasties in succession. The origin of blue pottery was an amalgamation of Chinese and Islamic trades. The expensive Cobalt blue exported from Persia and the translucent Chinese white porcelain gave rise to excellent quality blue and white wares. The motifs were highly inspired by Chinese dynasties and also Islamic culture. It originated at Jingdezhen centuries back in China and till this day it witnesses the superior quality production of the exquisite blue and white wares. After firing in the kiln at suitable temperature, the decoration is either by hand, by stencilling or transfer printing and other mediums.

The  art  of  glazed  blue  pottery  came  to  India  through  Persia. Rajasthan being the hub of blue pottery, Jaipur  became  a flourishing  center for  blue pottery in the mid 19th century. These days of course blue pottery is available everywhere but the exclusive blue pottery wares found in museums and certain specimens at Rambagh Palace in Jaipur displays fine art and cultural Indian history which is embezzling.

My quest for knowledge about Indian art and culture continues while I pay a humble tribute to discoverers and makers of blue pottery through my artwork.
Blue Pottery
Blue and White Pottery