Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Fun on the Beach

Sun, Sea and Sand are the words that describe the beach. My idea of having fun on the beach begins with exploring the beach. The sand texture, colourful and varied designed shells, crabs, snails, different shaped pebbles and the list is endless. I am sure many people can relate to me when I say that the entire day can be spent on the beach just relaxing and doing Nothing! The splashing waves on the beach side create a melodious symphony around. Getting away from the hectic schedules of life, sipping your favourite drink sitting on the arm chair and admiring the nature and its creativity...who doesn't want to do that???

Goa is undoubtedly favourite beach destination for many not only in India but across the globe. As soon as one lands in Goa, the party mood sets in. The travellers' diary always includes fun, adventure and rejuvenation. Many people take back their Goan beach memories in the form of souvenirs or photographs. I like to capture my memory and the fun element of the beach in my painting that refreshes my memory every time I look at it! :)

Fun on the beach painting
The Beach Scene

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mermaid Silhouette on the rock

Mermaids have always been my fascination since my childhood. As a child, I used to be amazed to listen to the adventure cartoon stories of Ariel, the Little mermaid and her friends like Sebastian, the crab and Flounder, the blue and yellow tropical fish. The entire depiction of underwater life and colourful creatures was truly amazing. The story often revolved around how they tackled the demons of sea, came out of difficult circumstances, struggled for their lives so as to protect their 'Kingdom of Atlantica' and make it  a better place for all the sea creatures. The stories also reflected the beautiful Father-daughter bond between King Triton and Ariel which reminds me of  my bond that I share with my father.The stories ended with a moral being-"Good wins over Evil always."

As I grew up, I used to wonder if they really do exist?! The question of course shall be considered invalid from science perspective but the little child in me wants to believe that there may be traces of their existence in some part of the world in a vast ocean. :)

I visualized this scene wherein, a fictional character of mermaid comes on to the rock every night under the moonlit sky laden with stars and keeps wondering about her existence as we, humans, keep wondering about their existence!

Mermaid silhouette on the rock
Mermaid Silhouette on the rock

Monday, 17 June 2013

Painting in Bathroom

I prefer my bathing space to give me a "spa" like feel everyday. Besides the decor, lot many variations can be done to bathroom spaces (often look quite stereotypical) to make it look beautiful and different from others. I place fresh flowers in a vase everyday in my bathroom that rejuvenate my senses daily. The aromatic oils in the bottles kept on the shelves spread a distinct fragrance to my bathing space. Like they say the energies of the home need to be balanced and bathroom is one space which needs utmost care and consideration.

Another way of enhancing the aura of the bathroom is to hang paintings that reflect the essence of your vanity. Though we often consider art to be displayed and limited to our living rooms and bedrooms, it really creates a great ambiance. My painting is an attempt to enter the arena of vanity dressing!

Bathroom spa
Bathroom Spa

Painting in bathroom
Vanity Art for bathroom

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Time for Cuppa Coffee

I simply love coffee! My coffee taste buds got boosted during my high school days as any and every outing with friends meant a coffee sip for sure. My passion for coffee continued to grow at my workplace. Yes, I know too much coffee is not healthy but my limits are defined. Indulgence with self-discipline is permitted, hopefully! I have a penchant for coffee but definitely not an addiction. The palate refreshes as soon as I sip the White Chocolate Mocha of Starbucks. The sinful cream just adds to the experience. Having good coffee with good company is an excellent experience and for the times when you are getting bored with the company, good coffee comes as a big saviour! Seriously, a lot can happen over a cuppa coffee. It could be beginning of new relationships, nurturing the present ones or just cherishing the old memories. Conversations and cup of coffee go hand in hand! Of course the rains in Mumbai add on to the charm.

My love for coffee inspired me to paint my favourite flavours. This painting is dedicated to all the coffee lovers across the globe and the ones who wish their memorable coffee experiences to be framed like this one. Next time you have coffee, couple it with donuts and I can vouch for the exemplary experience thereafter!

Starbucks Coffee-White Chocolate Mocha
White Chocolate Mocha@Starbucks India

Starbucks Coffee-Java
Java Shake@Starbucks India

Warli Painting in Gold

This is my depiction of Warli Art, a very popular tribal art of Maharashtra. Warli is a region in northern Maharashtra located on the west coast of India. There are Warli tribes residing in the mountainous and coastal areas of that region. The origin of Warli art may be traced back to the tenth century AD but it became popular in the early 1970's.

What made this art unique was its simple yet striking depiction of rural life. The Harvest being one of the major themes; the predominant subject of the warli painting includes mountains, group dancing around a person playing the music, dancing peacocks, women cooking and gathering coconuts, children playing, bullock carts, birds flying in the sky and the river. Its a classic representation of nature and simplicity of village life. Warli Art always contain groups of people involved in certain activity.

My Warli painting has been inspired by the Warli tribes and I humbly salute to their arduous efforts and contribution to Indian Art and culture.

Warli painting in Gold
Warli Art

Friday, 7 June 2013

Ekdant Ganpati

Lord Ganesha has been an integral part of many lives. People pray and worship him all over the world. But what really fascinates me is his extreme cuteness and distinguished aura. He is The God who believes in indulgence be it his passion for "Motichoor Laddoo" or his colourful attire. He has his chauffeur "Mushak" (Mouse) who is at his service all the time. His exuberant personality has universal appeal and connects to people from every strata and religion. Undoubtedly Lord Ganesha is for one and for all. 

I look forward to Ganesh Chaturthi every year as the atmosphere in Mumbai, especially, is one of extreme exuberance. The city displays ultimate devotion, joy and peace during the ten days of "Ganesha Mahotsav" every year which is simply inexplicable in words. You gotto see and feel it to believe it!

My painting is one way of dedicating my love and devotion to Lord Ganesha. The Ekdant Ganpati has ofcourse mythological stories behind it. Some of them believe that Ganesha lost his one tooth when Parashurama threw axe angrily on him while Ganesha was preventing him to awaken Lord Shiva who was asleep. There are others who believe that while Lord Ganesha was penning the great epic Mahabharata, the tip of the quill broke and he immediately broke half of his tusk and dipped in ink to continue writing.

Well, I prefer to believe the symbolic meaning represented by my painting "Blue Ekdant Ganpati", which signifies the meditative mode and the one tusk advocates following one goal in life to achieve peace, happiness and prosperity.

Blue Ekdant Ganpati
Blue Ekdant Ganpati