Wednesday, 4 December 2013


How often have you visited any art gallery in your life? The perception that goes around when it comes to visiting an art gallery is that one needs to have big pockets and patronize art.
For me, an art gallery visit goes beyond the shackles of judging the artwork and also whether its worth to be bought or sold at a particular price or not. Its the entire experience that attracts me and I strongly feel that an art gallery has much more to offer. My  thoughts were reinforced when I was recently invited for "Blogger Art Trail" event organized by Good Homes magazine during their annual public art initiative Art Week 2013 (25th Nov-1st Dec). The event involved bringing art closer to everyone by exploring some of South Mumbai's prominent and finest Art Galleries on a walking tour. The Art trail kicked off at The Pantry, Kala Ghoda, a quaint stylish cafe' with all white soothing decor and witnessed the get together of bloggers, art enthusiasts, architects and artists. 
The Pantry, Kala Ghoda

While enchanting Ronitaa Italia-Dhanu, Editor of Good Homes flagged off the event, the highly spirited Elise Foster Vander Elst, Director Asia Art Projects along with the Good Homes Team led the trail thereafter.

After savouring delicious snacks while discussing art with like-minded folks, the fun filled art trail finally began:-

1. Gallery 7
Treat your eyes with scintillating artworks by 7 inspiring artists under one roof including paintings, installation art and photographs.

                                                        Pic courtesy: Binisha Ajmera, Good Homes
In Conversation with Chandra Sachdev, Owner  of Gallery 7
2. Art Musings
What was most striking about this gallery is that it houses diverse artist collection with completely different painting styles. The ongoing exhibition was by artist Gopikrishna who prefers his artworks to not to be tagged as surreal but rather as a parallel world reality.

'Marriage of Fishes' by Gopikrishna
The gallery owner was kind enough to allow a sneak peek into Paresh Maity's upcoming exhibition "Symphony of Silence" from 10 Dec' 13-15 Jan'14. Yes, he is the same artist who painted the famous 850ft long painting for Delhi's T3 International Airport. Inspired by nature, his paintings are bright and colorful with the signature natural light on the subjects in his artworks. 
Beautiful landscape by Paresh Maity

3. Gallery Maskara
Go to third pasta lane in Colaba and the funky exteriors open up into a huge warehouse turned gallery hosting the exhibition "The Ideal Boy" by a very talented artist Roshan Chhabria. All his artworks made on tinted paper with sharp detailing using different forms of media seemed to re-accentuate that 'Perfection lies in Imperfection.'
Painting from 'The Ideal Boy' Collection

4. Sakshi Art Gallery
This gallery hosted the debut exhibition of a young aspiring artist from West Bengal. I was completely swayed by the use of vibrant colours, detailing and the unique kitsch on huge canvases beautifully exploring the construction of reality and glorifying some of the mundane activities in an unusual fabulous style.

Exhibition of Kalighat Painting in Victoria memorial, Kolkata

5. 1/29 Studio
I didn't know the walk through the busy dark streets of Colaba, going up two floors of the steep narrow staircase to reach the studio, was only to find myself pleasantly surprised. The door opened to a cosy and warm Art Studio with dim lighting and completed the definition of art gallery to me by exhibiting every art object that I could think of; be it the sculptures, photographs, decorative art, installation art, textiles or paintings. And when I thought this was it, I was treated to lovely live music by international performers.

Moulded metal mesh installation art@1/29 studio

What a perfect ending to a perfect day!

The artworks make you travel to a different world altogether and consciously or unconsciously impart life learning lessons. Nothing remains abstract or abstruse, its all in the mind and the best part is everybody has their freedom of expression and interpretation; be it the Artist or the Art Connoisseur. There is no right or wrong in the world of art. Who says its necessary to be a creative person to visit an art gallery? Any person who is open minded, appreciates freedom of expression, and simply possess zest to explore life would definitely enjoy visiting such art galleries. You never know when you may find answers to unanswered questions of life hidden in these artworks!

Thanks to the Good Homes Team to organize a memorable art trail that can be followed anytime by anyone again and again! 
                                                                            Pic courtesy: Binisha Ajmera, Good Homes

For all my blogger friends, I leave you with an artwork installed at Gallery 7 to ponder and tell me what do you think this is all about? Looking forward to your comments! :)


  1. Hand of a surgeon is the hand of God. Is that what the installation wishes to depict?

    Let me know :)
    Nice post, wish I had know about this walk, would have joined.

  2. No clue! I find these sculptors very mysterious people. I too did a post on sculpted works some time back and that was because the work kept nagging me... what could it mean?

  3. I think what NAV has suggested suits the best! Nice post!

  4. Interesting pieces of unique art works. Only a artist can bring fantasy world so real with his pictures.
    For you question, I see a hand from the wall's hole holding to a can, a cloth and few scissors. It may depict someone working so hard , or might be a creative take .
    What's your story?

  5. I really appreciate everybody's different perspectives and thats how it should be. Well the artist thought behind was how in current scenario politicians are dissecting or treating common man!

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