Friday, 14 February 2014

Chai Pe Charcha...Ketli Series!!!

How about having "Chai" in a brand new way. This hand painted Ketli depicting the national bird comes at a time when the nation is discussing governance issues between sips of tea. 
Painted Ketlis- Senorita Art
Hand Painted Ketli
Enjoy the tea and charcha! Hope my fellow bloggers and friends like my Ketli creations from Senorita Art...many more to come!!!


  1. Wow! So bright and cheery!
    Great art work.

  2. So nice kettle. Now a days Chaiwalas are very important. Send a pic. of this to narendra modi.

  3. Beautiful. Do you sell these ketlis too?

    1. Thanks so much!!..yeah I do sell these Ketlis.

    2. Ok thanks. Just saw your website and got all the details.

    3. Cool...I would be having my exhibition soon next month in Mumbai but I guess you are based in Pondicherry.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks for your great comments! :)))

  5. Ha ha ha... I came here thinking you were going to engage me in a serious discussion on Modi bhai's chai church-ah.

    1. He n politics finally got a connection! :)

  6. Beautiful Kettle Anurita...Keep it up...loved the design and yes peacock spells Indian culture, beautiful Indian culture!

    And pl remove "word captcha" from comments, it discourage to comment.

  7. Lovely Ketli. You certainly did a great job.
    Great going.
    Hugs and kisses

    Glamour Girlz

  8. Very creative! Bright & pretty! Serves tasty Chai for sure!

    1. Thank you very much Anita...:)))

  9. Bribing the Voters ?

    Election Commission thinks Narendra Modi is trying to bribe the voters

    By offering to voters , a FREE cup of tea at Namo Chai Stalls

    Obviously , a serious breach of Model Code of Conduct !

    So , EC has asked BJP to stop this " Unfair " practice , right away

    But the Geek Brigade of NaMo knows clever ways of bypassing EC strictures by pseudo-compliance with the code !

    By charging Re 1 / - for the first cup

    Then offering unlimited free Re-Fills !

    Just bring the original polystyrene cup with NaMo face printed on it !

    No more breaking Code of Conduct !

    After all , aren't BJP " hiring " a Falcon Jet plane from a leading business house at just Rs 1,000 per hour , whereas , going market rate is Rs 3 lakh per hour !

    What with this EC guys asking " hisaab " for every little thing !

    I never knew that the 814 million Indian Voters are so deeply mired in poverty that they can be easily " bribed " with a single cup of tea !

    May be it is high time our Planning Commission revised downward , its definition of poverty from Rs 27 per day ( Urban ) and Rs 16 per day ( Rural )

    EC could have done better by insisting that NaMo Chai Stalls use earthen tea cups instead of polystyrene cups

    That will save our environment and provide jobs to the community engaged in making earthen pots and pans

    Unless , of course , someone's son put up a factory to make millions of polystyrene cups , in anticipation of the forthcoming elections !

    * hemen parekh ( 13 March 2014 / Mumbai )

    1. Hi Hemen...ha ha surely not bribing the voters... just sharing my artworks with fellow bloggers and friends...!thanks for liking my Ketli!

  10. hi, I have nominated you for The Liebster Award…